Greatest Show On Turf

Kurt Warner - What a Year!!

Marianne Hoogerbeets, Official Rams Fan Reporter

I can’t seem to remember a time that I didn’t love the NFL. I’ve been a Rams fan for … ever it seems.  Spending time in Arizona before there WAS an NFL team there, I loved the LA Rams, so when I moved to St Louis in 1997, picking back up with my favorite team right here in town was perfect!

For those who remember, 1998 was a dismal season with the Rams going 4-12.  Then came a pre-season injury to Trent Green, and the arrival on the scene of a relatively unknown QB named Kurt Warner- it looked like it was going to be yet another LONG haul for Rams fans. Instead we witnessed the arrival of the “Greatest Show on Turf”, a Division title and a Super Bowl Championship!! Suddenly, it was FUN to be a Rams fan! The years since have had their ups and downs, but I’ll remain a loyal Rams fan always.

Georgia Frontiere - Devoted St. Louis Rams Owner

Picking a favorite player is like picking one of your kids over the other-I simply don’t think I can do it! Look at all the former greats over all the years! If I had to pick from the current team roster, I guess my favorite for today would be #39 Steven Jackson, as it is, after all, his birthday!  He’s a powerhouse running back who operates himself as well off the field as on, and so I guess I’ll give him a shout out as my favorite for now.

As far as my best fan memory–there are too many to count! So I’ll go with a memory from off of the playing field. The victory parade the day after the Super Bowl XXXIV win is, hands down, one of my favorite moments. Standing in the freezing cold night air with a front row view at Kiener Plaza in downtown St Louis with THOUSANDS of others to cheer on our hometown champs was AMAZING.  I’ll never forget seeing the pride and joy on the faces of the players, Dick Vermiel and Georgia Frontiere; and experiencing the gratitude of the fans all around me. Definitely one of my best memories.  I look forward to many more in the future! 

Go Rams!!

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